The addition of Mercenary Commanders gave us powerful boosts to apply to our entire army, but the Mercenary Fighting Pits were looking a little crowded with all of those Commanders and Mercenaries lumped together. Thankfully, now all of our Commanders finally have their own home. Enter the Commander Hall, the newest (and FREE!) addition to your empire.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Commander Hall in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, including the benefits it gives us and how many blueprints are required to upgrade it. If you would like more information about Mercenary Commanders, you can read about the specific boosts they give in our Mercenary Commander Guide here.

What Does the Commander Hall Do?

Much like the Magitek Converter does with resources and speedups, the Commander Hall allows you to combine your Mercenary Commanders, creating even stronger troops with better boosts for your entire army.

To upgrade your Commanders, you will need Commander Commendations, a new consumable item that can be found in the Proving Grounds or purchased in packs. Combining your Commanders will give you better combat boosts, which in turn give you the upper hand in battle. Here is a quick outline of how many Commanders and Commander Commendations are required for each level.

Commander Rank R1 > R2 R2 > R3 R3 > R4 R4 > R5
Required Commanders 5 7 16 20
Commander Commendations 1,000 2,000 4,000 10,000


See our Commander Guide for a breakdown of the boosts for each troop type here.

Right off the bat, you have the ability to combine R1 Commanders into R2 Commanders. If you plan on getting an R5 Commander – the highest level – you will need to upgrade your Commander Hall to level 7 to do so. You will also need 11,200 R1 Commanders to make just one R5 Commander, but it’s totally worth it.

But wait, there’s more! With each upgrade to the Commander Hall, your Troop Capacity, Mercenary Capacity and March Size also increase. When the Commander Hall reaches its maximum potential at level 10, you will be able to enjoy +2,000,000 Troop Capacity, +600,000 Mercenary Capacity, and +70,000 March Size. Use the table below to see just how big the Commander Hall benefits get.

Commander Hall Blueprint Requirements

The fact that the Commander Hall is already unlocked and added to your empire is pretty great; however, to unlock the truly powerful benefits, you’ll need to upgrade the Commander Hall to higher levels.

By now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will need a lot of Blueprints in order to upgrade your Commander Hall. Commander Hall Blueprints can be obtained by hitting monsters in the special Commander Hall Proving Grounds dungeon, which only opens when the corresponding event is active. You can also purchase Commander Hall Blueprints in packs. The most we have seen available is 600 Commander Hall Blueprints in a single pack. Just one of those packs will allow you to upgrade to level 3, but every upgrade after that will require much more blueprints.

Commander Hall Level Blueprints Required March Size Troop Capacity Mercenary Capacity Commander Rank Up
2 120 0 +200,000 +60,000 R2
3 300 +10,000 +300,000 +120,000 R3
4 480 +15,000 +400,000 +180,000 R3
5 720 +20,000 +600,000 +240,000 R4
6 1080 +25,000 +800,000 +300,000 R4
7 1560 +30,000 +1,000,000 +360,000 R5
8 2610 +40,000 +1,200,000 +420,000 R5
9 2880 +50,000 +1,500,000 +480,000 R5
10 3600 +70,000 +2,000,000 +600,000 R5


*Note that all numbers shown above are cumulative, adding the total bonus for March Size, Troop Capacity, and Mercenary Capacity to the previous Commander Hall level.

Upgrading the Commander Hall to level 7 requires a level 35 Citadel; Commander Hall level 8 requires a level 40 Citadel; Commander Hall level 9 requires a level 45 Citadel; and a level 10 Commander Hall requires a level 50 Citadel.


All things considered, the Commander Hall might just be the most powerful building in the game. Not only does it allow you to create troops that are capable of turning your army into a powder keg of destruction, but the ability to increase March Size by as much as 70,000 troops was unheard of before the addition of the Commander Hall.

Now that Commanders have become an integral part of overall game strategy, the Commander Hall will become a focal point that determines the outcome of battles. Get a jump-start on your competition by upgrading your Commander Hall as high as you can and combining all of your Commanders to create strong troops and an even stronger army.